• Heavy weight 19 oz. blackout vinyl for one and two sided applications
  • Digitally printed mesh for single sided applications where weight and wind resistance are an issue

Street Banners

  • All banners are custom made to your specification
  • Please call for pricing 888-533-1413

We recommend 1" web sewn in hem, reinforced corners & grommets every 12".

Street banners should be hung from metal cables stretched tight above and below the banners. The cables should be securely fastened to a rigid pole or building.

Banners should be hung with carabiners or snap hooks using all available grommets, allowing the weight of the banner to be distributed across the whole of the banner rather than just the corners. Corners should be secured taught to the pole using rope or bungees.

When installing over the street banners please consult with city regulations. Professional installation and the proper permitting are always recommended.